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Exclusive clip: CNBC’s “West Texas Investors Club”

Realscreen has an exclusive clip of CNBC's latest business series, which finds a pair of self-made millionaires looking to invest in promising entrepreneurs on their own terms.
August 4, 2015

CNBC is heading south for its business series, The West Texas Investors Club, which finds self-made multi-millionaires Rooster McConaughey and Butch Gilliam looking to invest in promising entrepreneurs – though only on their own terms.

The Ebersol Lanigan Company-produced series – which debuts tonight (August 4) – finds McConaughey and Gilliam inviting ambitious American entrepreneurs to visit them in Midland, Texas, to present their pitches. The pair, however, is looking for more than “clever products and beautiful balance sheets” and won’t close a deal until they’ve evaluated the characters of each entrepreneur.

McConaughey, brother of actor Matthew McConaughey, started working with his father at age 12 in the oil fields of Texas, and though he never finished college, he made his first million at 30 working in the oil pipe business. Gilliam, meanwhile, worked his way up from the age of 15 at his father’s machine shop until he became president and later sold the company. He is now the co-owner of Patriot Premium Threading Services and is recognized as one of Texas’ most reputable pipe salesmen.

“Rooster and Butch are real businessmen, in their real environment, doing what they really do,” Charlie Ebersol - president and co-founder of Ebersol Lanigan and executive producer on the series – tells realscreen.

“Their approach to business isn’t revolutionary to business, but it is to the world of reality TV,” the exec continues. “For the first time, self-made millionaires will help hopeful entrepreneurs realize their dreams after looking past the bottom line and into their character. This is a show about how real American business works on Main Street instead of how Hollywood imagines Wall Street works.”

In an exclusive clip shared with realscreen, McConaughey and Gilliam meet a pair of best friends selling a device that promises to reduce contact with germs.

  • West Texas Investors Club debuts on CNBC tonight at 10 p.m. EST/PST.
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