Nippon TV to bring android-hosted series to Cannes

The Japanese broadcaster is heading to October's MIPCOM market with android-hosted entertainment series Matsuko-Roid (pictured) and the game show format The Kindergarten.
August 31, 2015

Japanese broadcaster Nippon TV is heading to October’s MIPCOM market in Cannes with the entertainment series Matsuko-Roid and observational reality and game show format, The Kindergarten.

The 13 x 30-minute series Matsuko-Roid is billed by the commercial broadcaster as the world’s first TV show co-hosted by an android.

The program features Japanese cross-dressing commentator Matsuko Deluxe and his life-size android, Matsuko-Roid (pictured). According to Nippon TV,  the android – built through cutting-edge technology out of Osaka University – travels to rural areas around Tokyo interviewing locals about what television and the world will be like when androids “become mainstream.”

Meanwhile, Matsuko Deluxe will be stationed back in Tokyo, where he will communicate with the android and share his own advice to locals.

Finally, the net’s factual slate includes the game show format The Kindergarten, which has aired in Japan for 17 years in primetime and is for the first time being offered as a format.

The show uses such elements as “mysterious monsters, a quiz game and on-camera confessions” to capture children’s activities and behaviors in their kindergarten classes.

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