Nat Geo, October Films team for “Mygrations”

The U.S. net has commissioned London-based October Films to produce a survivalist series following the famous African wildebeest migration. (Pictured: Mygrations)
January 8, 2016

U.S. net National Geographic Channel has commissioned London-based October Films to produce the survivalist series Mygrations(pictured).

The 6 x 60-minute docuseries will follow a group of 20 men and women made up of ex-special forces, survivalists, athletes and zoologists as they navigate – without map or compass – the famous wildebeest migration from the Serengeti to the Mara River in Tanzania.

The 200-mile, six-week journey will see the “human herd” traverse mountains, ravines, bogs, scorched plains and surging rivers while avoiding contact with a variety of predators in order to complete the migration.

Jos Cushing, Matt Robins, Chris Muckle and Doug McCallie serve as executive producers for October Films, with Robins, the company’s creative director, credited as series creator.

Mygrations is slated to premiere on National Geographic Channel U.S. in the spring of 2016. It will air globally at a later date across National Geographic Channel’s 171 territories in 45 languages, as well as on Spanish-language net Nat Geo Mundo.

Mygrations is a series that truly embraces National Geographic’s pillars of exploration and adventure,” said Tim Pastore, NGC’s global president of original programming and production, in a statement. “The human herd’s journey not only pushes the limits of human spirit and capability in extreme conditions, but demonstrates the strengths and resilience our ancestors needed to survive.”

Cushing added: “Mygrations will give viewers a visceral, heart-pounding experience – delivering gripping content together with breathtaking visuals of one of the most beautiful and dangerous places on earth. It’s a living, unfolding experiment in the most epic lab on the planet.”

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