Armoza’s “Bubble” floats to Italy

Italian producer Pesci Combattenti has acquired the current affairs game show format The Bubble from the Israeli formats developer and distributor. (Pictured: HRT Croatia's adaptation)
April 7, 2016

Italian producer Pesci Combattenti has acquired current affairs game show format The Bubble from Tel Aviv-based Armoza Formats.

The entertainment format, which was developed by Armoza in cooperation with Avri Gilad, isolates contestants for one week, depriving them of any contact with the outside world. They’re then brought back into the studio and quizzed on the previous week’s current affairs and have to distinguish real stories from fiction.

The Bubble has already been successfully adapted in countries including Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands and in the UK on BBC. Additionally, Croatia’s HRT is currently broadcasting its first 30-episode season (pictured).

The acquisition marks the Italian outfit’s first international format adaptation.

“Having developed our own original formats in the last years, and as a well-known creative production company in Italy, we are thrilled to be taking this new step forward in bringing this successful format to Italy,” said Pesci Combattenti CEO Riccardo Mastropietro. “We believe that The Bubble will be a perfect fit for the Italian audiences that we know so well, and look forward to adapting it in partnership with Armoza Formats.”

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