Exclusive: Loud TV takes Armoza’s “Date in Reverse”

The ITV America-owned production house has acquired social experiment format Date in Reverse (pictured) for the U.S. market from Tel Aviv-based distributor Armoza Formats.
June 14, 2016

ITV America-owned Loud TV has acquired social experiment format Date in Reverse (pictured) for the U.S. market from Israeli distributor Armoza Formats.

Each week, the series follows two singletons as they experience meaningful relationship milestones in reverse. In a single day, couples will experience their relationship backwards through major life events, navigating through the bridal bed and wedding reception to family get-togethers and weekend getaways.

The series aims to provide each unattached person with the opportunity to peek into their future and avoid wasting time with the wrong partner. Episodes will culminate with each couple deciding whether or not they will entertain the idea of a first date.

The hour-long series was originally produced by Israel’s Shenhar Productions and Volley Formats. Last July, the format took the runner-up prize at the Armoza Formats-hosted format competition Formagination, which looks to create an “international launching pad” for Israeli creativity.

loud tv's nick rigg

Loud TV’s Nick Rigg

Date in Reverse presents a social experiment unlike any other, essentially flipping dating on its head,” said Loud TV president Nick Rigg in a statement. “Acting as a modern ‘crystal ball,’ the series feeds people’s natural curiosity about the future, and we feel it has extraordinary potential in the U.S.”

“At Armoza, we always look to provide audiences with fresh shows, and the unique concept brought to life in Date in Reverse does just that,” added Armoza Formats CEO Avi Armoza.

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