Sales round-up: GRB, ZDF Enterprises

Distributors GRB Entertainment and ZDF Enterprises have sold a raft of factual titles to international outlets across Europe and Malaysia. (Pictured: Monster Bug Wars)
August 8, 2016

California-based producer-distributor GRB Entertainment has secured a raft of crime and extreme nature programming deals for outlets across German-speaking Europe and Malaysia.

German news channel N24 has acquired three crime programs including Chain Gang: Maricopa County, which follows the struggles of 15 men in a prison chain gang; County Jail, visiting some of the toughest jails in America; and Hostage: Do or Die, recounting stories in which criminals take innocent victims hostage. All three were originally produced for Discovery. N24 has also picked up the hour-long nature documentary Monster Bug Wars (pictured), which documents the survival of some of the world’s most dangerous insects.

Malaysia’s Cheers Media, meanwhile, has acquired two seasons of natural disaster series Full Force Nature alongside a 10-title package pick-up of Nature’s Revenge, which examines conflicts within the natural world including underwater encounters and animal attacks.

Elsewhere, German producer-distributor ZDF Enterprises has sold the hour-long documentary China’s Schindlers to broadcasters across Europe including France’s Histoire, Spain’s RTVE, Germany’s The History Channel, Austria’s ORF III and AMC Networks Central Europe-owned Spectrum for Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Produced by New Zealand’s NHNZ and the China Intercontinental Communication Center, the film documents the efforts of Chinese diplomat Dr. Feng Shan Ho, who enabled Viennese Jews to escape to Shanghai during World War Two; and German businessman John Rabe, who saved more than 200,000 Chinese men, women and children from Japanese soldiers.

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