Pact pacts with Chinese broadcaster in UK-China

The UK independent producers' association has signed an agreement with Chinese broadcaster Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation as part of its wider UK-China strategy.
September 13, 2016

UK independent producers’ association Pact has signed a letter of intent with Chinese broadcaster Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation (JSBC) as the British trade group attempts to open doors in China for UK indies.

Under the agreement, the two organizations will work together by exchanging knowledge and expertise in an effort to improve industry skills within each nation.

In July, Pact took 10 UK indies on a tour of Chinese broadcasters, including CCTV, to showcase their ideas and discuss copro opportunities.

Pact – along with Studio Liddell’s Ian Liddell and Dr Pluto Films’ James Abadi – will return to China for a five-day workshop on brand integration, virtual reality and creating global formats. The workshops will take place with JCBS in Jiangsu; CCTV in Beijing; SMG in Shanghai; Hunan TV in Chang Sha; and the China Documentary Festival in Guangzhou.

The British trade body will then bring 10 Chinese broadcast executives to the UK to work alongside two indies in an effort to bolster future partnerships.

Elsewhere, Pact partnered with the British Film Institute and the British Embassy in China to launch a new UK-China Film and TV toolkit which includes a non-disclosure agreement and advice for people working in China.

“All of these strong relationships will make it easier for UK indies to work with one of the biggest and most exciting territories in the world,” said Dawn McCarthy-Simpson, Pact’s director of international, in a statement.

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