Cameras rolling on Viceland’s “Mister Tachyon”

The eight-part project, created by Julien Christian Lutz, is a fiction-documentary hybrid series exploring the depths of science.
May 17, 2017

Filming is underway on Vice Studio Canada and Rogers Media’s Mister Tachyon.

The eight-part project, created by Julien Christian Lutz (aka music-video director, Director X), uses a combination of fiction and documentary to explore a range of controversial topics in science today.

The half-hour series follows a fictional character, Mister Tachyon, who was born invisible due to his scientist father’s experiments. Tachyon sets about to study the fringes of science, searching for a cure to reverse his invisibility.

From examining whether the earth’s magnetic field is secretly shaping our lives, to explorations around the power of thoughts to change the biology of people, Mister Tachyon tackles a range of questions by conducting real experiments with real people to try and find out if there is any truth to science’s strangest topics.

Shooting began in April and is scheduled to wrap in August. No broadcast details have yet been announced.

The series is Lutz’s first original TV project, though the music director has previously helmed episodes of Family Channel’s Backstage. Lutz’s other directing credits include the 2015 feature film Across the Line, about a young black hockey player dealing with the racial divides in small-town Nova Scotia.

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