Boat Rocker Rights sells 400 hours of factual abroad

The news comes as the company looks to ramp up both its distribution and production of unscripted content.
June 8, 2017

Boat Rocker Rights has announced the sale of more than 400 hours of factual and lifestyle into multiple international territories.

The news comes as Boat Rocker Media looks to ramp up its efforts on both the production and distribution front, following the launch of its newly rebranded unscripted division, Crooked Horse Productions. The unscripted arm is led by VP David Lerech.

French broadcasting group AB Groupe acquired four titles from Xploration Station (pictured), a block of nature and STEM programs. AB picked up Xploration: Awesome Planet (26 x 30 minutes), Xploration: Outer Space (26 x 30 minutes), Xploration: DIY SCI (26 x 30 minutes) and Xploration: Nature Knows Best (26 x 30 minutes).

AMC, Central and Eastern Europe meanwhile acquired two of the Xploration Station titles Outer Space and Nature Knows Best, as well as Chef Michael’s Kitchen (26 x 30 minutes), I Wrecked My House (14 x 30 minutes, plus one hour-long episode) and season two of Bake with Anna Olson, which was also acquired by Digiturk (Turkey).

As well, I Wrecked My House was licensed to Discovery (U.S. Hispanic) and Talit Communications (Israel), the latter of which also bought design series All For Nothing? (39 x 60 minutes) and home renovation show Weekend Reno (13 x 30 minutes).

Other Boat Rocker Rights-owned shows sold internationally include Ice Racer Showdown (12 x 60 minutes), picked up by Discovery (Central & Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa) and JCG (South Korea). In addition, Fresh with Anna Olson (65 x 30 minutes) was sold to LNKTV (Lithuania).

Selling Big (26 x 30 minutes), a show following the Ritchie Brothers and their high-stakes heavy machinery auction operation, was licensed to RMC Decouverte (France) and Spektrum (Poland). Spektrum also picked up the junk cleanup series Hammer & Chew (10 x 30 minutes).

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