Tribeca ’18 lines up experiential Immersive slate

The Tribeca Film Festival has unveiled its lineup of virtual reality (VR) and innovative exhibitions as part of the 2018 Tribeca Immersive program. In total, 33 VR exhibitions and experiences will ...
March 9, 2018

The Tribeca Film Festival has unveiled its lineup of virtual reality (VR) and innovative exhibitions as part of the 2018 Tribeca Immersive program.

In total, 33 VR exhibitions and experiences will be on display throughout the Tribeca Immersive tract, from both the fiction and non-fiction genres. Within this year’s program, the Storyscapes and Virtual Arcade exhibitions will feature a diverse array of experiential projects rooted in documentary, narrative and music.

The Virtual Arcade lineup, running April 20 to 28, features 21 world premiere VR/AR exhibits as well as five Storyscapes experiences in competition.

Among the world premieres bowing across the third annual Virtual Arcade are Tobin Asher, Elise Ogle and Jeremy Bailenson’s Coral Compass: Fighting Climate Change in Palau (pictured), focused on the island nation’s efforts to combat climate change; Conservation International, Passion Planet and Vision3′s My Africa, which is narrated by actress Lupita Nyong’o and allows users to care for a baby elephant; Eliza McNitt’s Spheres: Pale Blue Dot, a cosmic journey from the edges of the universe to Earth; and Lindsay Branham’s The Hidden, which documents the efforts to free one family enslaved in a rock quarry in southern India for 10 years.

Celebrating its sixth year, the 2018 Storyscapes selections features five projects from three countries, including four world premieres. The juried showcase – which seeks to bridge filmmaking, technology and storytelling – will select one project to receive the Storyscapes Award, which recognizes groundbreaking approaches in storytelling and technology.

Among the unscripted projects premiering in the Storyscapes showcase are Biidaaban: First Lightfrom Lisa Jackson, Mathew Borrett, Jam3 and the National Film Board of Canada. The experience will serve as a work of “indigenous futurism” and explores how the languages of native peoples “can provide a framework for understanding our place in the world and open up a space for new imaginings of the future.”

This year’s program will also include its latest addition, the Tribeca Cinema360, a VR theater featuring four curated screening programs of 360° mobile content, running April 21-28. The program will spotlight four immersive screening programs: VR for Good Creators LabThis is Climate Change, and Horizons.

The 17th annual Tribeca Film Festival takes place April 18 to 29in New York City.

“In times of crisis and contemplation, artists have always found a way to inspire and challenge. The creators that we’ve invited to take part in this year’s Tribeca Immersive are no different,” said Loren Hammonds, programmer of film and immersive, in a statement. “They are using technology and storytelling to tackle subjects such as the dangers of nuclear weapons, racial and religious discrimination, and the real face of climate change. VR is a medium of transportation, and these pieces will do just that for our audience.”

“Each year, we’re seeing creators push boundaries and explore new ways to tell stories through VR. As the technology improves, so does the storytelling, and with that we are able to use VR to tackle new issues, experiences and narratives and invite new audiences to experience these projects,” added Ingrid Kopp, co-curator of Tribeca Immersive.

A full listing, along with descriptions, for each Storyscapes and Virtual Arcade project can be found by visiting the Tribeca Film Festival website.

The Tribeca Film Festival’s lineup of documentary films was released yesterday (March 7).

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