Ai Weiwei’s “The Rest”, Sarah J. Christman’s “Swarm Season” to screen at CPH:DOX ’19

Ai Weiwei’s The Rest and Sarah J. Christman’s Swarm Season are among the documentaries featured in this year’s main competition at CPH:DOX. The competition program at the Copenhagen-based documentary film festival, which runs ...
February 22, 2019

Ai Weiwei’s The Rest and Sarah J. Christman’s Swarm Season are among the documentaries featured in this year’s main competition at CPH:DOX.

The competition program at the Copenhagen-based documentary film festival, which runs March 20 to 31, will screen 66 titles from across the globe, including 43 world premieres, 18 international premieres and five European premieres.

The selection includes films from established, award-winning directors as well as new voices across the five competition sections, with 45% (or 30 films) having been directed by one or more women.

There are 12 films screening in the DOX:AWARD tract — the Danish film festival’s main competition. They consist of eight world premieres and two international and European premieres.

Projects world premiering in the DOX:AWARD category include Chinese visual artist Ai Weiwei’s The Rest (pictured), which documents the refugees left in political limbo in Europe; Christman’s Swarm Season, following a mother and child as they collect wild, endangered bees for breeding disease-resistant colonies; and Marie Skovgaard’s opening night film The Reformist, about Europe’s first mosque with female imams in the center of Copenhagen.

Also enjoying their world premieres in the category are Phie Ambo’s Rediscovery, Dina Naser’s Tiny Souls, Enrico Masi’s Shelter, Karen Stokkendal Poulsen’s On the Inside of a Military Dictatorship and Mikel Cee Karlsson’s A Stranger.

Investigation documentary award F:ACT will see 11 films vying for top honors, including four world premieres, four international premieres and three European premieres. Among them are James Jones and Olivier Sarbil‘s On the President’s Orders, chronicling the slaughter of thousands of drug dealers and users in the Philippines by President Rodrigo Duterte; and Fredrik Gertten‘s Push, exploring the phenomenon of skyrocketing housing prices around the world.

Emerging filmmakers exploring new approaches to cinema are competing for the NEXT:WAVE award, now in its third year. The 15 films, 10 of which are world premieres, include Brett Story’s The Hottest August, mirroring New York City on a hot summer day in 2017; Floor van der Meulen’s The Last Male On Earth, about the last male northern white rhinoceros; and Isa Willinger’s sci-fi documentary Hi, AI, offering insight into tomorrow’s world of humanoid robots.

CPH:DOX will announce further line-up additions in the coming days and the full program on March 1.

All nominees in competition at the 16th annual Copenhagen International Documentary Festival are listed below:

12 films including 8 world premieres, 2 international premieres and 2 European premieres.

  • The Rest, Ai Weiwei, China, Germany, world premiere
  • Swarm Season, Sarah J Christman, US, world premiere
  • Rediscovery, Phie Ambo, Denmark, world premiere
  • Tiny Souls, Dina Naser, Jordan, Qatar, France, world premiere
  • The Reformist (opening film), Marie Skovgaard, Denmark, world premiere
  • Shelter, Enrico Masi, Italy, France, world premiere
  • On the Inside of a Military Dictatorship, Karen Stokkendal Poulsen, Denmark, France, world premiere
  • A Stranger, Mikel Cee Karlsson, Sweden, world premiere
  • Searching Eva, Pia Hellenthal, Germany, international premiere
  • Ridge, John Skoog, Sweden, international premiere
  • The Edge of Democracy, Petra Costa, Brazil, European premiere
  • The Disappearance of My Mother, Beniamino Barrese, Italy, European premiere

15 films, including 13 world premieres and 2 international premieres.

  • A Moon for My Father, Mania Akbari, Iran, world premiere
  • Everybody in the Place, Jeremy Deller, UK, world premiere
  • Western Rampart, SUPERFLEX, Denmark (short), world premiere
  • Shed a Light, Laure Prouvost, France, Belgium (short), world premiere
  • Now, at last!, Ben Rivers, UK (short), world premiere
  • Des trous, Keren Cytter, Israel (short), world premiere
  • Transformation Scenario, Clemens von Wedemeyer, Germany, Latvia (short), international premiere
  • Prometheus, Haig Aivazian, Lebanon (short), world premiere
  • In the Body of Sturgeon, Mary Reid Kelley & Patrick Kelley (short), US, world premiere
  •  , Ezekiel Morgan, Germany (short), world premiere
  • Darwin Darwah, Arash Nassiri, France (short), world premiere
  • Télédésir, Cindy Coutant, France (short), world premiere
  • So Dear, So Lovely, Diana Allen, Canada, Lebanon (short), world premiere
  • Towards the Sun, Nour Ouayda, Lebanon, Canada (short), international premiere
  • All That Perishes at the Edge of Land, Hira Nabi, Pakistan (short), world premiere

11 films, 4 world premieres, 4 international premieres, 3 European premieres.

  •  On the President’s Orders, James Jones & Olivier Sarbil, UK, world premiere
  • The Good Terrorist, Robert Oye, Netherlands, world premiere
  • Push, Fredrik Gertten, Sweden, world premiere
  • Democracy LTD, Robert Schabus, Austria, France, UK, world premiere
  • Dark Suns, Julien Elie, Canada, European premiere
  • Sea of Shadows, Richard Ladkani, Austria, European premiere
  • American Factory, Steven Bognar & Julia Reichert, US, international premiere
  • Midnight Family, Luke Lorentzen, Mexico, US, European premiere
  • Favela Frontlines, Renato Martins, Brazil, international premiere
  • War of Art, Tommy Gulliksen, Norway, international premiere
  • The Color of JusticeMarjolaine Grappe, France, international premiere

13 films, 8 world premieres and 5 international premieres.

  • The Revenge of the Diva, Emelie Jönsson & Gustav Ahlgren, Sweden, world premiere
  • Winter’s Yearning, Sidse Torstholm Larsen & Sturla Pilskog, Norway, Denmark, Greenland, world premiere
  • Mating, Lina Maria Mannheimer, Sweden, international premiere
  • The Feminister, Viktor Nordenskiöld, Sweden, world premiere
  • Don’t Give a Fox, Kaspar Astrup Schröder, Denmark, world premiere
  • Q’s Barbershop, Emil Langballe, Denmark, world premiere
  • Forget Me Not, Sun Hee Engelstoft, Denmark, South Korea, world premiere
  • The Men’s Room, Petter Sommer & Jo Vemund Svendsen, Norway, international premiere
  • All We Own, Emily Norling, Sweden, international premiere
  • The Hypnotist, Arthur Franck, Finland, international premiere
  • Where Man Returns, Egil Håskjold Larsen, Norway, international premiere
  • Wolfland, Olivia Chamby-Rus, Denmark, world premiere
  • Once Aurora, Stian Servoss & Benjamin Langeland, Norway, world premiere 

15 films, 10 world premieres, 5 international premieres.

  • Property, Matthias Lintner, Germany, world premiere
  • The Last Male on Earth, Floor van der Meulen, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, world premiere
  • Ibrahim, Lina Alabed, Lebanon, world premiere
  • Inland, Juan Palacios, Spain, world premiere
  • A Married Couple, Emil Langballe, Denmark, world premiere
  • When All is Ruin Once Again, Keith Walsh, Ireland, international premiere
  • Kabul City in the Wind, Aboozar Amini, Afghanistan, Netherlands, Japan, Germany, international premiere
  • The Hottest August, Brett Story, US, Canada, international premiere
  • Hi, AI, Isa Willinger, Germany, international premiere
  • I Was Here, Nathalie Biancheri & Ola Jankowska, UK, Poland, world premiere
  • House of Furies, Nanna Rebekka & Pernille Lystlund Matzen, Denmark (short), world premiere
  • The Dream of Lady Hamilton, Oliver Cheval, France (short), world premiere
  • You See the Moon, Miguel Nunes, Portugal (short), international premiere
  • A Tree Is Like a Man, Thorbjorg Jonsdottir, Iceland (short), world premiere
  • Concrete Nature: The Planetary Sand Bank, Rikke Luther, Denmark (short), world premiere
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