Extra: Banijay brings “Money Drop” back to Spain; TVF and Espresso close sales

Warner Bros. teaming with “Australia’s oldest newspaper” for unscripted slate Warner Bros. International Television Production Australia (WBITVP) is teaming with The Betoota Advocate, “Australia’s oldest newspaper,” for a slate of unscripted ...
November 23, 2021

Warner Bros. teaming with “Australia’s oldest newspaper” for unscripted slate

Warner Bros. International Television Production Australia (WBITVP) is teaming with The Betoota Advocate, “Australia’s oldest newspaper,” for a slate of unscripted productions targeting the domestic and international markets.

The Betoota Advocate is Australia’s most popular satirical news publisher, reaching four million readers every month. It went digital in 2014 to become one of the most influential portals in the country, and has launched several popular podcasts, books and even a beer brand, Betoota Bitter.

“With its distinct, bitingly satirical and smart approach to content, The Betoota Advocate has won a huge following. Meanwhile, Warner Bros. — with its storied TV production experience and international reach — is perfectly positioned to elevate this voice, and we’ll work together to develop premium unscripted television series with local and global appeal,” said Michael Brooks, managing director of WBITVP Australia in a release.

Banijay’s The Money Drop returns to Spain

Banijay has confirmed that Atrapa un millón (The Money Drop) has been commissioned for a new run by Spain’s Atresmedia after a seven-year hiatus. Gestmusic, a Banijay Iberia company, will once again produce the format.

Money Drop was originally created in 2010 by Remarkable TV, part of Banijay UK, and has since been adapted in more than 50 territories.

The popular international format is a high-stakes game show where a pair of contestants are given a cash prize at the start of the show and then have to navigate the Drop, a device with four trapdoors with the answers to each question on each door. Contestants must correctly answer to keep their cash, and can either place their money on one answer, or play it safe and spread the wealth across several, with the option of winning big or watching their cash fall into the void.

The Money Drop consistently delivers high-quality entertainment with the core game show pillars of excitement and jeopardy that captivate audiences. Following a successful revival earlier this year in Israel, it’s fantastic to see another return, demonstrating the format’s timeless appeal,” said Lucas Green, global head of content operations at Banijay, in a release.

TVF International closes deals in Middle East, North Africa and Eastern Mediterranean 

Factual distributor TVF International announced it’s closed a variety of sales for titles in the Middle East, North Africa and the Eastern Mediterranean.

Tanweer Alliances Single Member S.A., a Greek media company, has licensed more than 45 hours of content for Greek pubcaster ERT. Programs in the deal include Channel 4 series like Autumn on Jimmy’s Farm (4 x 60 minutes) and Spring on Jimmy’s Farm (4 x 60 minutes), along with China’s Dragon Emperor (2 x 60 minutes) from the Korean pubcaster EBS.

Meanwhile, YES in Israel have acquired A Dog For Life (13 x 30 minutes, pictured) for their VOD platform. The series, which first aired on Netflix Africa, follows families as they look for a perfect match in searching for a dog to bring home from a rescue shelter.

The Dubai-based broadcaster OSN licensed a range of content including travel shows like On Safari (8 x 30 minutes) and Destination Vacation (7 x 30 minutes), and also acquired Misunderstandings of Miscarriage (1 x 60 minutes).

The deals were each negotiated by Sam Joyce, seniors sales, acquisitions and marketing executive with TVF International. He was associated by sales executives Daniyal Bari and Colette Webber, who have both been promoted to oversee TVF’s sales in MENA and the Eastern Mediterranean, respectively.

Espresso completes sales with German broadcasters

Espresso Media International announced a series of sales of their own, to German broadcasters Welt, ZDFE, RTL and Deutsche Welle.

The international TV distributor’s latest space releases Off Earth (1 x 52 minutes) and A Message to the Stars (1 x 52 minutes) from Somadrome, were sold to Welt. Off Earth explores the new era of space travel, including Jeff Bezos’s first commercial flight into space and Elon Musk’s work to re-use rockets, and a new economic wave to develop business in space. A Message to the Stars looks at the search for intelligent extra-terrestrial life, including how we should compose any message to the stars.

ZDF, meanwhile, bought a varied package of space, history and crime documentaries including Life Behind the Stars (1 x 52 minutes) and Asteroids: A New Horizon (2 x 52 minutes) about the link between life and the rest of the universe, and how researching asteroids can help companies launch into deep space; Foo Fighters: Then and Now (2 x 45 minutes) about UFO sightings during WWII; Syndrome K: The Disease That Stopped the Nazis (1 x 52 minutes) about a group of doctors who invented a disease to protect Jewish people from Nazi capture in a Rome hospital; and Catching Killers (10 x 52 minutes) about detectives, forensics specialists and prosecutors chasing leads to take down deadly criminals.

Espresso have also licensed the 98-minute feature documentary The Pickup Game to RTL. The film is an investigation into the scandal-filled, but thriving pickup industry.

Deutsche Welle, meanwhile, picked up Not Carol from Espresso, about an extreme case of post-partum psychosis, as well as No Small Matter about the importance of early-years education. Deutsche Welle also renewed its license with Espresso for India’s Forgotten People, a documentary directed by media personality Deana Uppal.

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