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Looking For

  • A&E is all about edge. Provocative, authentic thinking is a good starting point when pitching an idea to the network.

    A&E has a legacy of embracing provocative themes, bold swings, and best-in-class innovation across concepts and production. The network’s culture and business is changing every day. What this means is that it's entering a new period of opportunity – and renewing its focus on inclusive stories, characters and production partners.

    The network’s brand is still an attitude. It’s still a feeling. A&E entertains, and at the same time strives to give purpose to what it does. The network says that it needs to find those new sources of inspiration. It is always looking to expand its aperture beyond crime. It just needs to be first, accurately reflecting the times we’re in, and not lose the thought-provoking DNA that defines the brand. At the moment, multi-season volume that is quickly returnable is the focus, although a truly groundbreaking idea will never be off the table.


  • United States


  • Crime/Investigation 
  • Docureality
  • Home (Renovation, Design)
  • Lifestyle Competitions
  • Reality Competitions
  • Social Issues/Current Affairs 

How to pitch

  • When pitching to the network, make sure you have a relevant topic with a unique POV or access, execution that feels fresh and unique insight into why the show will work.


  • Sean Gottlieb – VP, Production & Development
    Brad Abramson – VP, Production & Development
    Marcie Hume – EP, Development
    Jonathan Partridge – EP, Development & Production
    Brad Holcman – EP, Development & Production


  • The Quest for Lost WWE Treasures


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