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  • The Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s (ABC) Factual & Culture team is looking for bold stories that are relevant to all Australians. They seek contemporary stories that are accessible and grab the attention of a broad audience, that ignite national conversations, and create meaningful change.

    Above all, exceptional storytelling, strong directing and solid journalism are paramount to the ABC team. They want stories to look and sound like contemporary Australia, from a diverse range of content makers. The ABC encourages content creators pitching to them to be brave, ambitious, relevant, challenging, compelling, distinctive and thought provoking — finding a way to bring their story to life in surprising ways.

    For content creators who are pitching a sports documentary, the Regional and Local team are looking for subjects that tell a bigger story about identity, social history and cultural connection.

    The ABC strives to keep within industry standards in Australia for licence fees. The licence fee depends on the number of minutes commissioned, the finance plan, the rights position negotiated with the producer, as well as compliance with Screen Australia guidelines, where relevant.


  • Australia


  • Half-hour and one-hour, prime-time slots primarily run on Tuesdays (8–9:30 p.m.) and Sundays.


  • Arts/Culture 
  • Crime/Investigation 
  • Docureality
  • Docusoap
  • Environmental/Natural History 
  • History/Biography 
  • Science/Technology 
  • Social Issues/Current Affairs 
  • Sports Documentaries
  • Travel & Exploration 

How to pitch


  • Jennifer Collins - Head of Factual & Culture
    Richard Huddleston - Managing Editor, Factual & Culture
    Chloe Cassidy - Executive Producer, Development
    Nicky Ruscoe - Development Producer, Factual & Culture
    Sandra Graham - Unit Coordinator, Factual & Culture
    Stephen Oliver - Manager, Documentaries
    Leo Faber - Executive Producer, Documentaries
    Julie Hanna - Manager, Factual
    Ben Commens - Executive Producer, Factual
    Kalita Corrigan - Executive Producer, Arts (Factual & Culture)
    Jo Chichester - Manager, Regional & Local (Sports docs)
    Rachel Robinson - Development Executive Producer, Region



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