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The United Kingdom

Looking For

  • Factual Entertainment – The network is looking for broad but young-skewing primetime hours in the genres of docureality, constructed reality and reality competitions.

    Budget: It’s project dependent and can range from £150,000 to upwards of £500,000, if need be.

    Factual – Channel 4 Factual is a broad church. The team commissions more than 300 hours a year – everything from medical documentaries, blue chip, complex crime series, popular culture biographies, dating series, character driven series based in schools, Arts documentaries fronted by leading figures, and sensitive, filmmaker-led singles through to hard hitting, headline grabbing feature docs. In everything the network does, it aims to innovate – in storytelling, use of technology, authorship, form and POV. The network commissions everything from multi-part to limited-run series to singles and feature docs.

    Budget: The network operates on a mixed economy of tariffs and each budget will always reflect the project.


  • United Kingdom


  • Arts/Culture 
  • Constructed Reality
  • Crime/Investigation 
  • Docureality
  • Docusoap
  • Environmental/Natural History 
  • History/Biography 
  • Reality Competitions
  • Science/Technology 
  • Social Issues/Current Affairs 
  • Sports Documentaries
  • Travel & Exploration 

Genres (Other)

  • For the Factual team: Science, Medical, Education, Topical

How to pitch

  • The Factual Entertainment team requires a clear paragraph explaining the topline concept.

    For the Factual team, every pitch is different but the commissioning team expects all producers to have tried to answer the team’s needs for the channel. They want producers to have done their research about what the channel needs and wants. How would this project fit into the Channel 4 family of programs? How does this project innovate or challenge? What new voices are audiences going to hear? What under-represented voices will be given time to tell their stories? How does this project reflect the diversity of the audience and how does it reflect the diverse C4 audience? Why would this program or series engage a C4 audience?

    In terms of pitching, again this is dependent on the idea – the commissioning team gets pitched everything from one paragraph to a detailed deck with a sizzle tape. The most important thing is the idea, your passion for it and how it speaks to Channel 4 and its audience.


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