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North America

Looking For

  • Food Network and Cooking Channel, along with food genre category for discovery+, are actively looking for non-scripted, food-focused and/or food adjacent lifestyle programming in formats that are both close ended and arced (elimination). The networks and streaming platform will explore a variety of formats including competition, travelogue, daytime ‘in the kitchen”, docuseries, business transformation, and celebrity-focused, as well as big and engaging characters set in surprising and unique environments organic to the food world.

    They are actively looking for passionate food personalities with specific points of view in the food space, as well as food-centric, food-adjacent docu-narratives. Audiences connect with bold hosts, high stakes, transformative experiences, surprising food worlds, and the opportunity to invest in and root for competitors in challenging, skills-driven competitions.

    For both networks and the new streamer, the team is always actively seeking character and story-driven narratives with a culinary bent which are preferable over traditional stand and stir show concepts; however, rather than limit or eliminate potential pitches, this is more to share with producers what is more ideal.


  • United States


  • For all networks/platforms (from an ad sales perspective), the demographic is P25-54; however, they are very mindful to make sure offerings appeal to the younger portion of that range (as well as just beneath) so as to continually increase Millennial viewership while maintaining their core fan base at the same time.

    Programming tends to appeal to and draw a wider audience including kids, parents and grandparents, often multi-generational, all-family viewing opportunities.


  • 30 to 60-minute episodes


  • Arts/Culture 
  • Constructed Reality
  • Docureality
  • Docusoap
  • Food
  • Home (Renovation, Design)
  • Lifestyle Competitions
  • Reality Competitions
  • Talent/Studio-Based Competitions
  • Travel & Exploration 

How to pitch

  • For all networks/platforms: treatments of a few pages outlining and clearly describing the content, format and talent accompanied by tape are accepted along with a proper submission release form, and must be from a major production company or major agency.

    A deck, a treatment and/or an act breakdown to convey the beats, hook and tone of the format are ideal. When pitching specific talent and/or personality, tape and casting sheets are preferable to give the network the best sense of their persona, appeal and culinary/world/lifestyle point of view. Make sure formats pitched are unique, compelling and easy to explain and understand. The networks do not take scripted pitches.


  • Todd Weiser – SVP, Programming & Development
    Lynn Sadofsky – SVP, Programming & Development
    Patty Suh – VP, Programming & Development



  • Battle of the Brothers
    Bobby and Giada in Italy
    Chef Bootcamp
    Easter Basket Challenge
    The Globe
    Grill of Victory
    Kitchen Crash
    Tall Tales and Cocktails with Ina Garten and Melissa McCarthy
    Try Guys: No Recipe Roadtrip
    Well Done with Sebastian Maniscalco


  • The Big Bake - Food Network
    Fire Masters - Cooking Channel
    Snackmasters - Cooking Channel

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