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Looking For

  • ID is a true crime network delivering a wide variety of emotionally-driven mystery, suspense and investigative programming. The network is actively pursuing both past tense (resolution) and present tense (open ended) stories, or any hybrid thereof, in either anthologized series, arc'd mini-series, specials and feature documentary films. Twists, turns and red herrings have been key drivers for its viewers, delivering multi-layered stories to a true-crime savvy armchair detective audience. The network is seeking to elevate its programming through new and unconventional storytelling means that push the envelope and create distinctive must-see documentary series. ID is opening its classic murder-mystery aperture to identify adjacent mystery and investigation focused programming and push the boundaries of its expanding genre. Regardless of past or present tense storytelling, resolution (no matter the form it takes) remains key.


  • United States


  • Crime/Investigation 
  • Docureality

How to pitch

  • Series concepts arrive at Investigation Discovery in varying stages of development. While there are no hard and fast rules on ‘must haves’ creatively, there are key aspects of any pitch the team looks for that are always helpful to keep in mind. These include talent, access, archive assets, narrative arc, as well as new and evolved storytelling methods/approaches.


  • Winona Meringolo – SVP, Development
    Brent Hatherill – Sr. Director of Development
    Erica Diaz-Gant – Sr. Director of Development
    Rachel Brenner – Director of Development
    Katie Ozog – Sr. Development Manager
    Kayla Van Scoy – Development Coordinator


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