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North America

Looking For

  • The types of programming Magnolia Network looks for include:
    - Stories of real people and real experiences;
    - Multi-layered storytelling that compels emotion and sparks inspiration;
    - Hours or half-hours – there is also room for shorter form pieces;
    - Diverse talent with genuine expertise, curiosity, and a true passion for what they do;
    - Family-friendly tone and content.

    The network will be looking for stories that fall into one of the following themes:
    Design – stories that showcase designers or artists, their creative process and their work, ending in beautiful reveals;
    Restoration – stories about unearthing hidden beauty, whether that beauty lies in places, objects or people;
    Fun – light hearted stories that are fun, happy, playful, and bring us joy;
    Food – stories that celebrate food, including how it's grown, prepared, and eaten, and all the ways it connects and shapes us as individuals, families, and cultures;
    Heroic Pursuits – stories that pay tribute to courage: honoring the bridge builders, risk takers and people who inspire us to live kind, brave, and intentional lives.

    The program budget is In the US$75,000-150,000 range for half-hour programs, US$200,000-300,000 for one-hour programs.


  • United States


  • As the network is commissioning across streaming and linear, it is happy to entertain content of all lengths.


  • Arts/Culture 
  • Docureality
  • Food
  • Game & Quiz Shows
  • History/Biography 
  • Home (Renovation, Design)
  • Travel & Exploration 

How to pitch

  • Producers pitching to Magnolia Network need to provide access to talent, tape and a pitch deck. Design-centered projects need to demonstrate a lot of before and after examples of the talent's work.


  • Donna MacLetchie – General Manager
    Mark Levine – VP, Content
    Sarah Kuban – VP, Content
    Lauren Frasca – VP, Content
    Meghan Cassin – VP, Content
    Sierra Cowan – Director, Development & Production
    Keith Thomas – Sr. Manager
    Sam Goff – Manager, Production & Development
    Nancy-Wren Bradshaw – Manager, Production & Development
    Cody Woodside – Coordinator


  • For now, it is best to submit ideas to the network through an agent as a release form will need to be filled out before pitching.


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