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'If I could get the money, I'd love to make it a feature,' says writer/director Sandy Greer. 'It's cinematic materialÉ'...
October 1, 1997

‘If I could get the money, I’d love to make it a feature,’ says writer/director Sandy Greer. ‘It’s cinematic materialÉ’

A v/o track from actress Tantoo Cardinal, another of those among the circle of friends and admirers of the subject of Soop on Wheels, will no doubt add to the theatrical potential of the doc, a one-hour being developed for TV.

Toronto’s Two Wheel Productions is looking for an exec producer for its chronicle of Blackfoot political cartoonist Everett Soop, whose body of work spans over 20 years. The Southern Albertan is the only aboriginal artist included in the National Archives caricature collection.

Greer, who is coproducing with DOP Joan Hutton, has Bravo! on board as first window, with Vision TV, Knowledge Network and Access as the other Canadian broadcasters, and funding from Heritage Canada. McNabb and Connolly is the domestic distributor. At the Toronto International Film Festival, international broadcasters and distribution were being sought. Greer thinks it will be an attractive property given its distinctiveness: ‘I’ve never seen a doc that focusses on Aboriginal humor.’

There is an urgency to top up the budget (around CDN$170,000) and roll camera, as funding secured from the Canadian Independent Film and Video Fund comes with a time limit, and Soop, who has had Muscular Dystrophy since he was 17, is now in an advanced stage of the disease.

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