Special Report on… Taking Stock: go big or go home – Oddities: A roll call of the strangest requests

Archive Film:...
October 1, 1997

Archive Film:

* George Washington

* Someone pushing a piano out of a bomber plane over New York City at night

Film Bank:

* Christopher Columbus

F.I.L.M. Archive:

* The Charge of the Light Brigade

* The Crimean War

Partridge Films Ltd.:

* Footage of extinct animals

Film Images:

* A family drowning in a rowboat


* A shot of a jumbo jet exploding mid-air (a frequent request)

Producer’s Library Service:

* Footage of the Titanic sinking

* Real murders on film

But, the award for the strangest requests definitely goes to the BBC:

* The Titanic sailing into New York

* Three men on a camel with a big star in the sky

* Live footage of dinosaurs

* Margaret Thatcher picking her nose

* Farting beetles

* The evolution of the breast

* A cameraman standing in the middle of a buffalo stampede

* Real life ‘Lucky Bastards’

* A point of view shot of a crocodile’s jaws over a camera

* America’s ‘dumpiest’ criminals

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