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If you think you're sexy......
November 1, 1999

If you think you’re sexy…

For swinging singles prepared to put their egos on the line, Studios USA is developing a relationship game show called Lover or Loser. According to a report from Variety, each half-hour segment will have two male contestants submit to the assessment of the female audience. The lucky bachelors will be judged twice: first on initial appearance, then again after friends, former girlfriends and family have provided insight into their characters. The ‘winner’ of the final voting round gets to pick a date from the audience. (No word on what happens to the loser.) SR

Fox gets flushed by Empower America

Rupert Murdoch (and his Fox television network) has the dubious honor of being this year’s Silver Sewer Award winner, courtesy of Empower America. According to a report in Filmland News, the conservative media watchdog group wanted to recognize ‘Fox’s outrageous contribution to the degradation and coarsening of our culture, and its unswerving dedication to the pursuit of profit above principle.’ In response, Fox Broadcasting (which offers such programs as World’s Wildest Police Videos and The World’s Scariest Explosions: Caught on Tape) released a statement, saying ‘We value the freedom of choice and respect, and reinforce every viewer’s ability to choose entertainment they believe is most appropriate for themselves.’ SR

Law & Order creator gets real

In a twist of life imitating art imitating life, producer Dick Wolf (of L.A.-based Wolf Films) and Studios USA Domestic TV are said to be developing a reality-based syndicated strip, patterned after Wolf’s Law & Order drama series. According to a report in Variety, the new show will blend re-enactment segments with footage of real-life criminal investigations and trials. Wolf’s rep refused to comment, though rumor has it that a syndie roll-out could happen as early as next fall. SR

Explore your lawsuit

Lyrick Studios of Texas has announced that it has canceled plans to use, license and introduce the phrase `Explore Your World’ in association with a new line of Barney (the purple dinosaur) products. The singing dino will have to find a new motto, or risk extinction at the hands of Discovery Channel lawyers. BC

Lincoln film discovered

According to Yahoo! News, the University of Carolina says that it has discovered some historic pieces of history in its film archive. Included in the footage are rare films of aviator Charles Lindbergh, and eye-witness accounts of Abraham Lincoln’s assassination. The UofC should consider cleaning out those closets a little more often. BC

To Infinity and Beyond…

Forget the Caribbean cruise, the ultimate game show prize has been upgraded – to a trip into outer space. Scandinavian producer Jarowskij and TV2 Denmark are currently developing The Big Bang, a series in which ten contestants will ultimately win spots aboard the first civilian space shuttle flights, leaving Earth in 2002. The seats have already been booked with U.S. company Space Voyages. Jarowskij and TV2 aim to produce the program in 12 countries over the next two years. London-based prodco Talent Television (the same folks behind Who Wants to be a Millionaire) is already on board for the U.K. version, with options for the show in Japan. SR

Talk to us…we’ll give you money

Just a reminder that RealScreen is now accepting entries for the ID Award 2000. Along with our congrats, the winner will receive a US$5,000 cash reward.

To submit a project, forward a two-page (maximum, please) summary of the production, illustrating why you feel your innovation was noteworthy. Please include two copies of a well-labeled NTSC VHS cassette. (Sorry, we don’t have PAL machines.) Eligible projects are those completed and/or delivered in the calendar year of 1999. Proposals will be adjudicated by a committee which includes the editorial staff of RealScreen. The deadline for submissions is Friday, December 3, 1999. No submissions will be accepted after this date, and applications beyond two pages will not be considered.

Things heard at markets:

‘[Sir David Attenborough] could have sold them ten hours on sticks, and they would have bought it.’

A PBS-phile commenting on how the American pubcaster really wanted the writer/narrator back from Turner.

The New Zealander definition of Blue Chip Natural History:

‘A highly expensive film which frequently doesn’t wash its face at the box office.’

How misunderstandings happen at loud restaurants:

‘Is this off the record?’

‘No, he’s Israeli.’

Tales from the trenches:

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