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That's what PR firms are for...
April 1, 2000

That’s what PR firms are for

Less than a year after an arbitration panel awarded the Zapruder family more than us$16 million for their original film of the JFK assassination, the family has given the clip – plus copyright – to the Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas.

The famous 26-second clip remains the only photographic evidence of the bullet which struck the president in the head as his motorcade traveled through the southern city.

In what can only be described as an unintended new low for public relations, museum executive director Jeff West was heard to say that ‘heads were spinning with the possibilities’ for the film.

The awful taste

Michael Moore brought marching bands, cheerleaders and a lighted scorecard to a Texas execution for an episode of his series, The Awful Truth. His rationale: executions are carnivals. So you might as well go all out.

Some interviewees have claimed, however, that Moore’s crew tricked them into acting as cheerleaders for the event. In an interview with MSNBC, Diane Clemens of the victims rights group Justice For All said, ‘They kept trying to pump us up by saying, ‘Isn’t this great? Aren’t you excited?”

Moore offered MSNBC little defense when confronted with the accusation: ‘Was it disrespectful?

Yes. We find all executions disrespectful of human life. ‘If executions are carnivals, guess who the clown is.

What’s the frequency princess?

Lionel Cherruault of U.K.-based Pumpkin Pie Productions, has released a 25- minute doc about Reita Eide, a 41-year-old Norwegian woman who claims she is in contact with the spirit of Princess Diana.

Diana’s Channel, which was inspired by the book The Celestial Voice of Diana (Findhorn Press), includes interviews with Eide whilst she is channeling Diana, as well as interviews with people, such as the Duchess of York and Diana’s former healer, who believe Eide is genuine. Cherruault, an ex-royal photographer, photographed Princess Diana for close to 20 years. Eide, a spiritual medium since 1992, says she has been channeling Diana since her death and continues to have regular contact with her.

Fear of le petit mort?

The U.K.’s Independent Television Commission has told Brits to cover their eyes and turn in their smart cards – at least when it comes to French satellite channel Adult X. The ITC ruled that the channel ‘is unacceptable on the grounds that it repeatedly contains material that offends against good taste and decency, and consists almost entirely of unacceptable pornography,’ according to a report in Filmland News. To protect Her Majesty’s citizenry from the wanton images, the Commission has recommended that the Ministry of Culture declare it a criminal offense to provide smart cards, program details, decoding equipment and subscriptions to curious viewers. Adult X is the ninth adult channel banned by the ITC (which presumably leaves only acceptable porn in the U.K.).

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