Shockwave staves off e-extinction

Merger with Atom Films looks like a match made in cyber-heaven.
December 20, 2000

In keeping with the adage ‘There’s strength in numbers,’ and AtomFilms have merged to become a more powerful entity in next-gen entertainment. The deal seems made in heaven for both parties: Shockwave gains access to 150 million viewers via AtomFilms’ off-line distribution relationships with broadband services, TV broadcasters, airlines and home entertainment companies, while AtomFilms gets an on-line showcase—complete with 30 million registered users and a consistent place on Media Metrix’s top 50 website list—for its 1,500 short films and toon series. The deal also protects Shockwave from the entertainment website shakedown that’s been playing out over the past year. The company experienced a blip on its otherwise strong radar a few months back when it slowed production growth and laid off 20 employees. The deal still has to pass muster with the FTC’s Pre-Merger/Hart-Scott-Rodino Act, but it should get the official seal of approval sometime in first quarter 2001. From KidScreen

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