Filming the filmmaker

Miramax has put up the bucks for the Project Greenlight screenplay competition. There's only one catch: the lucky winner will also be the star of a making-of doc.
February 7, 2001

In this era of reality tv, the scenes behind the camera are thought to be at least as fascinating as the ones contrived for broadcast. Using that reasoning, Miramax has committed to fund not only the winning screenplay of Project Greenlight – an online film competition for aspiring amateur filmmakers in the U.S. – but also a 13-part doc series about making the movie, from entering the contest to the film’s release.

Miramax has put up US$1 million for the production of the prized screenplay, along with theatrical distribution. The winning author will direct his/her film with guidance from Matt Damon, Ben Affleck and Chris Moore, who will act as executive producers.

Project Greenlight is currently in the process of whittling its shortlist down to three from 10 semi-finalists, prior to announcing the winner in March. A grand total of 7,000 screenplay submissions have been received since September.

The documentary series is slated to air on HBO in early 2002.

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