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California-based Burrud Productions rolls the dice on three one-hour specials about Las Vegas: The Vegas Challenge, The Stickmen of Las Vegas and Vegas Cops.
April 11, 2001

Burrud Productions couldn’t resist the allure of Las Vegas. Reasoning that the action and excitement would be too much for one program, the California-based production company has set to work on three one-hour specials about the glittering city. The Vegas Challenge revolves around four gamers and their determination to beat the house; The Stickmen of Las Vegas explores blackjack dealers, roulette captains, pit bosses and others who control the games; and Vegas Cops chronicles the daily trials and tribulations experienced by the Las Vegas Police Department.

‘Vegas is a rapidly changing universe,’ says coproducer Dan Josephson. ‘Within the last ten years, it has undergone an insurgence of tremendous corporate interest. The focus in Vegas has been on shopping, restaurants and lavish hotels, but we want to examine the fundamental aspects of Vegas, and provide a new look at a well-treated topic. For instance, Vegas Challenge, which starts production in mid-April, is a hybrid gameshow documentary in which the four best players are pitted against one another. They will have US$4,000 in chips and three hours to play their games.’

The Vegas programs, which are budgeted at approximately $250,000 to $300,000 per hour, are being produced for The Travel Channel. No air date has been confirmed, though the shows are scheduled to wrap by October. Phillip Reeder is coproducing with Josephson.

Other Burrud shows currently in the works for The Travel Channel include Shark Chaser – a 4 x 1-hour series that follows extreme divers in their mission to encounter deadly creatures under the sea – and Strange Travels, two one-hour programs that journey to the strangest and most bizarre places on earth. No air date has been confirmed for either show.

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