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May 3, 2001

This week, the Canadian government announced a CND$560 million cultural funding infusion, with CND$60 million earmarked for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Since funding levels hit a high of CND$1.1 billion in 1995, the CBC has taken cuts that total CND$317 million annually.

The Scandinavian Channel (a U.S.-based channel aimed at the 16 million Americans of Scandinavian ancestry) has gone off the air. The channel had been on the hunt for investors.

Multichannel News has reported that AOL /Time Warner and British cable/phone giant NTL have begun talks aimed at an international broadband distribution joint venture.

National Geographic has opened a library sales office in London, the company’s first international bureau.

California’s netGuru has formed NetGuru Documentary Digital Television Programming, an effort intended to produce and distribute docs with an emphasis on subjects from the Indian subcontinent. The company is already set to begin production on six one-hours, and has picked up three titles for distribution.

Animal Planet has passed the 70 million subscriber mark internationally.

MTV will launch a combination of four new reality and game shows this summer.

The European Audiovisual Observatory released its annual findings last week, putting theater attendance in Europe up 4.4% in 2000 to 884 million (the highest since 1983), but European content share down to 22.5% from 29.2% the year before. U.S. films picked up 4% of that loss, finding their way to 73.7% of theater-going eyeballs.

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