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May 31, 2001

French director Jean-Jacques Beineix plans to make a feature doc on the Loft Story controversy which is sweeping France.

The 2002 World Education Market is moving to Lisbon, Portugal, and runs from May 21 to 24.

Promax (June 20 to 23) has announced this year’s keynote speakers will also include Allen Rosenshine (chairman and CEO of BBDO), and Carole Black (CEO and president of Lifetime Television). The opening keynote, as previously announced, goes to Bill Roedy (president of MTV International).

A Palestinian group briefly held two Newsweek journalists (Josh Hammer and Gary Knight) to show the group’s displeasure with American and British treatment of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The pair were released unharmed four hours later.

National Geographic has signed a carriage deal for Greece with MultiChoice Hellas.

Both the U.S. and U.K. could be facing actor strikes within the month.

In Denmark, TV2 will have a new late-night feature-length doc slot beginning next summer.

ABC News has eliminated 125 jobs (about 10% of its staff) as part of cost-cutting efforts at parent company Disney. About 70% of those employees accepted buyout offers.

The BBC has announced that it is on the hunt for material gone missing from its archives. They’re not looking for thieves, but rather for missing film gems they know once existed but of which they no longer have copies (i.e. Bob Dylan’s acting debut in a play in 1963). The BBC currently houses about one million hours of programming, but it wants to see those important gaps filled.

A storm of debate has followed the suggestion that the Israeli government might introduce commercials to the state television stations. The suggestion has commercial operators crying foul, declaring that it would drive them out of business.

Deadline for application for EURODOC Production 2001-2002 is June 30. For program details, visit

In Canada, Vision TV is launching four new strands for next season: ‘From the Soul’, ‘Planet 360′, ‘Inspired Lives’ and ‘Outlook Canada’.

Discovery has signed a carriage deal with New Zealand’s Saturn for its Travel and Adventure network. The partners could be looking to expand pan-Asian by the end of the year.

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