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June 1, 2001

Where would you draw the line at attempting/accepting a pitch?

In an elevator – 18.5%

At a party – 3.7%

In the bathroom – 22.2%

Over the urinal/under the stall* – 27.8%

There is no line – 27.8%

Digital channels will be the salvation of factual programming.

Yes – 47.5%

No – 25.0%

You must be joking – 27.5%

International partnerships are essential to success.

Yes – 44.5%

No – 33.3%

You must be joking – 22.2%

Is the doc boom over?

Yes – 13.1%

No – 56.5%

Did it ever start? – 30.4%

Is arts programming a dying breed?

Yes – 53.5%

No – 46.5%

Mid-size distribs are headed the way of the dodo.

Agree – 45.8%

Disagree – 54.2%

Can public television still afford to have a public service mandate?

Yes – 82.8%

No – 17.2%

Reality TV’s popularity is good for all doc genres.

Agree – 31.9%

Disagree – 68.1%

Would you include news in your definition of doc programming?

Yes – 17.4%

No – 82.6%

What’s your opinion of pitching forums?

Love ‘em – 42.4%

Hate ‘em – 12.1%

Don’t make a difference – 45.5%

*Actually happens

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