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Canada's Alliance Atlantis slashes staff again, this time from its Broadcast Group.
April 25, 2002

Toronto, Canada-based Alliance Atlantis Communications has eliminated 35 permanent full-time positions from its Broadcast Group, the arm that oversees the company’s various analog, specialty and digital channels including History Television, HGTV Canada, Life Network, The Independent Film Channel Canada and Discovery Health Channel, among others. The reduction will impact all functions within the division, as management and staff posts were cut from both the supportive and operative departments. AAC spokesperson Kym Robertson says although the cuts will likely have some impact on programming, the move will not result in a reduction of programming activity, but rather a distribution of work across fewer people. ‘This is really an effort to make sure our human resources match our requirements to do our business plan this year,’ she says.
AAC’s fiscal year concluded at the end of March. In January, AAC eliminated 80 full-time positions when it consolidated its TV production and distribution units with its in-house motion picture production arm under one banner, called the Entertainment Group.

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