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When it comes to the industry, doc-makers have no shortage of opinions.
Here are the responses to some of RealScreen Plus's online polls this year:
November 1, 2002

Here are the responses to some of RealScreen Plus‘s online polls this year:
Does the rise of factual formats spell the death of documentary as we knew it?
Yes, and it’s about time 0%
Yes, and that’s a tragedy 11%
No, there are markets for both 89%
If you could go back and choose your profession again, would you be:
a firefighter 9%
a politician 5%
a print journalist 15%
a flight attendant 6%
a hemp farmer 15%
exactly what you are now 50%
High definition will become the predominant format in:
1 year 5%
3 years 39%
5 years 37%
never 19%
Is living history a legitimate form of history programming?
Yes 92%
No 8%
The main responsibility for fostering doc production in developing nations lies with:
domestic broadcasters 74%
international broadcasters 26%
Do docs have a place in primetime TV, or are they better served in less
competitive slots?
Yes, docs belong in primetime 94%
Only if it’s ‘special event’ programming 2%
Only if it’s an important current affairs program 2%
No, docs are better served outside primetime 2%
Has lifestyle programming become too much about entertainment and not enough about information?
Yes 79%
No 3%
It has struck a good balance 18%
Is it ever justifiable to film a subject without prior consent?
Never 9%
Only in select circumstances 59%
Yes, if subject is informed before broadcast 32%

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