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Each issue, RealScreen reports on what's generating buzz in the non-fiction realm...
May 1, 2004

Each issue, RealScreen reports on what’s generating buzz in the non-fiction realm…

Small Screen: Nine Men Down

It’s been a bleak year for war reporters, as the conflict in the Middle East has made it increasingly difficult for them to do their jobs, let alone get out alive. Nine Men Down, a 90-minute special produced by Washington, US-based Story House Productions and airing on The History Channel US July 25th, chronicles the plight of nine veteran reporters covering the Cambodian front in the Vietnam War during the summer of 1970. Their search for a good story became the deadliest assignment ever for American journalism, and is a chilling reminder of the price that’s been paid for freedom of the press. KV

DVD: Beyond the Movie: Troy

National Geographic is set to cash in on the popularity of Brad Pitt in a breastplate with the dvd Beyond the Movie: Troy. The movie hit theatres May 14, but the DVD, bundled with a coupon redeemable for US$6.50 off theatre admission, was available in late April. The disc’s main offering compares fact with fiction and aired on the Nat Geo Channel on May 7. An additional feature, Recreating Troy: Behind the Scenes sneaks a peek at the movie’s fx. Warner Home Video distribs Nat Geo dvd titles; Troy is a Warner Bros. Pictures title. KB

Big Screen: Control Room

It premiered at Sundance and quickly became a festival darling. Picked up for theatrical distribution by Magnolia Pictures in New York, it will start accruing box office around the same time this issue goes to press. Speaking of the press, it can’t get enough of director Jehane Noujaim,who burst onto the scene in 2001 with around the same time the Internet bubble was doing the same (bursting). Control Room looks at how the media covers a war by going behind the cameras of Qatar-based Al Jazeera and u.s. Central Command. Talk about timing. KB

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