The Mavericks: Overview

The Mavericks
November 1, 2004

The Mavericks

This was a year of firsts for the doc industry. Box office records were broken around the globe, producers in the U.K. gained control of their program rights, technology delivered on its promise to change the way audiences interact with content, and maybe, just maybe, a few docs and the people behind them helped determine the political future of the world’s last superpower. Never before has innovation been more important to the success of the factual film business. In RealScreen‘s year-end issue, we celebrate those who are driving the industry forward:

Jonathan Caouette, Tarnation

Michael Moore, Master of Media

John McVay, PACT

Mark Cuban & Todd Wagner, 2929 Entertainment

Bill Gates, Microsoft

The MoveOn 10

Judy McGrath, MTV

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