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Synergy: Making-Of Myst V: End of Ages
September 1, 2005

Synergy: Making-Of Myst V: End of Ages
Interactive entertainment publisher UbiSoft will soon launch ‘Myst V: End of Ages,’ but fans of the video game can see how it came together in the doc Making-Of Myst V: End of Ages, which will be included as a bonus DVD in the limited edition disk version of the game. The doc is being produced by GameTap Entertainment, the broadband gaming network owned by Turner Broadcasting System set to launch this fall. A shorter, online version of the doc will premiere on GameTap when ‘Myst V: End of Ages’ hits store shelves later this season.

Distribution: In A Single Bound
When Ross Marroso finished his 25-minute doc about the history of Superman, he released it where it was sure to reach fans of the superhero – the Internet. Launched in late August, offers an online viewing of In A Single Bound for US$1.50, though visitors can also buy the DVD for $9.95. Producer Tom Malloy says the $10,000 doc has been screened by almost 600 people, and DVDs have been ordered by comic shops. Marroso is also fielding interest from TV outlets in anticipation of the 2006 release of Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns. Seems the man of steel can also leap gatekeepers in a single bound.

TV: Katrina’s aftermath
The terror of 9/11 opened new areas of inquiry from doc-makers worldwide and the response to the devastation wrought by hurricane Katrina promises to do the same. Though operating in the effected areas is extremely difficult, the doc unit at CNN in the U.S. has aired CNN Presents: Sudden Fury – Inside Katrina’s Deadly Wake and is fielding proposals from producers interested in pursuing questions about the tragic aftermath: Who’s to blame? Is America prepared for the next disaster? Stay tuned.

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