Tech: Armed and Ready

Peter Worsley
October 1, 2005

Peter Worsley
Managing director, licensing worldwide,
Eagle Vision
London, U.K.

Gadget: Psion Revo
Praise: ‘It still has the best keyboard for a PDA that you can slip into your pocket. It’s also a good talking point with buyers who look bemused at this quirky, British-designed, obsolete PDA.’
Complaint: ‘I am terrified that as it gets old and cranky it will crash on the last day of MIP and lose all my notes for the whole market.’
Currently coveting: PSP2. ‘Not for games, but as a really portable format for screening movies and concerts on UMD.’

Peter Gaffney
VP program scheduling, acquisitions and daytime programming,
The History Channel
New York, U.S.

Gadget: iPod Nano; 7230 Blackberry
Praise: ‘I’m addicted to my Blackberry.’
Complaint: ‘When I silence it, it flashes its beady red eye and draws me back in.’
Latest acquisition: iPod Nano. ‘It’s the new love of my life.’

Ted Sarandos
Chief content officer,
L.A., U.S.

Gadgets: Verizon Blackberry 7250; iPod Nano
Praise: ‘The Blackberry enabled me to take a vacation with my kids to Europe and still deliver a presentation to our executive staff from a ferry boat in Greece. I now use my iPod for podcasted news content.’
Latest acquisition: Fujifilm’s FinePix Z1 digital camera. ‘It has beautiful video and takes five megapixel photos. It lightens my load by one bag full of gadgets on trips.’

Marc Krigsman
Chief operating officer,
Turner Media Group
New York, U.S.

Gadgets: Archos Mobile DVR; Blackberry; Sony Vaio T370P/L
Praise: ‘The Archos is a portable media center. From this one device I can record hundreds of hours of video programming (it has a built-in scheduler, similar to the hard drive on a cable box or TiVo, or you can use one from a third party like Yahoo), watch dailies, screen shows and also catch up on my favorite shows. It is also a digital music player where I can store tens of thousands of songs, and has a huge hard drive where I can load presentations that can be played on any computer anywhere. Best of all, you can load digital pictures in the device so I can whip out pictures of the kids on request.’
Tip: ‘My DC to AC adapter allows me to carry one power cord for all my devices and be able to plug them into standard ac outlets, as well as the lighter-type plugs available on airplanes and rental cars. So when that battery low light comes on, I know I won’t run out of juice.’

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