Sitting on some history?

Sitting on some history?
March 1, 2006

Indies harboring hours of historical recreations can now share the wealth. Eagle React, a division of Eagle Media, is a UK archive looking to become the one-stop shop for all your recreation needs. The archive currently has over 6,000 hours of Eagle Media Productions’ footage from all historical eras, but wants to help indies find sales for their unused footage.

Head of archive Phil Lloyd says demand currently breaks down to roughly 30% modern warfare, 20% personages (such as Nelson), and 50% generic ‘time frame’ clips like the Roman Empire. While demand has primarily come from UK clients – Granada Factual used clips for Battlefield Detectives – more non-Brits seem to have twigged to the unique service. Lloyd estimates almost a third of his business in January came from non-Brits, up from about 20% in previous months.

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