The Top 7: Gedeon Programmes

Gedeon Programmes
April 1, 2006

Gedeon Programmes
Paris, France

Although there has been much cross-genre pollination, France remains a bastion of the traditional documentary form, and perhaps no company demonstrates that tradition more so than Gedeon Programmes. As president Stéphane Milliere observes, ‘Part of our success is that we are reliable in the scientific community… Even if we try to do films in an entertaining way, we still want to be reliable for the community.’ That the scientific and other communities trust the prodco means Gedeon manages to open doors closed to others – opportune, considering Milliere says it’s the exclusive stories for which he hunts.

About half of what the company produces is for domestic consumption (with much more interactivity lately), and the rest international. Look for Gedeon to expand its repertoire into features soon, with The White Planet debuting on March 22. The feature has been picked up by Paramount for distribution in the US, and has already sold into 35 countries. Also look for Gedeon to continue to blend genres, such as the docufiction Who Killed Van Gogh?, which mixes science, history and art into a two-hour special.

Recent titles: Descent Into the Ice, Mission Arctique
Employees: 27, plus freelancers
Hours this year: 50, plus weekly magazines and features
Upcoming includes: The Mystery Of The Beautiful Mummy, Who Killed Van Gogh? (France 3), The Shaman, His Nephew And The Captain (feature), The Man Who Would Be A Condor (DOCLAB Srl, in association with National Geographic Channels International, Canal+, SBS)

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