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Hybrid Films
April 1, 2006

Hybrid Films
New York, US

Hybrid Films must be doing something right. Its flagship show, Dog The Bounty Hunter, about a leather-clad family of bounty hunters, has been airing on A&E – formerly known as the home of the blue-rinse set – to wide acclaim and copious press. Dog drew 1.7 million viewers in its second season, half of them aged 18 to 49, so it was a no-brainer for A&E to sign on for a third round. (For more on A&E’s sked tinkering, see the February/March 2006 issue of realscreen.) Hybrid co-founder David Houts says a key factor in working well with the cable nets is ‘a lot of very clear communication’ before shooting starts. ‘Everyone should be on the same page when you start to shoot,’ he says. ‘Then, when you get to the rough cut it becomes collaborative, not antagonistic.’

Recent titles: Dog The Bounty Hunter, Family Plots,, Take This Job
Hours this year: 18
Upcoming includes: Dog The Bounty Hunter, season 3 (A&E), King of Cars (A&E), and others

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