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April 1, 2006

Universal City, US
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Any company that can make a hit series out of a weight loss show demonstrates a nose for success. Reveille was launched in March 2002, and focuses on scripted and alternative formats such as NBC hit The Biggest Loser. The company describes itself as a world leader in creating integrated marketing opportunities for advertisers, as demonstrated by its partnership with advertising conglom the Interpublic Group for NBC’s The Restaurant and Blow Out on Bravo.

The company was launched by Ben Silverman, former head of international packaging at the William Morris Agency. Silverman is also EP of NBC’s take of the BBC comedy The Office.

Recent titles: Million Dollar Hoax, The Biggest Loser
Employees: 20
Hours this year: 140
Upcoming includes: Celebrity Cooking Showdown (NBC), Solved (NBC), The Biggest Loser US, UK and Australia

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