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IWC Media
April 1, 2007

IWC Media


Scotland’s largest indie (though part of the RDF group) is a prolific producer of quality films, and is setting itself up to be even more verbose. Look for announcements soon about three new EP positions – one each for factual, factual entertainment and entertainment programs. IWC has already added Rachel Bell (daughter of BBC vet Colin Bell) as EP responsible for specialist factual.

So, what’s the key to keeping things running smoothly at IWC? According to MD Sue Oriel, it comes down to ‘knowing what you are setting out to make at the very start, and making sure that this tallies exactly with your customer’s expectations. After that, an honest and open relationship with your commissioning editor is vital. Getting the right people in your team with everyone knowing what their role is and what is expected is critical. And finally, a strong executive producer, capable of giving the lead and able to communicate clearly, is the last piece of the jigsaw.’

The pieces certainly came together for the prodco’s Ross Kemp on Gangs (made for Sky One). One reader noted: the series ‘illustrated how you can fuse a celebrity presenter with real journalism in order to penetrate dangerous situations. It really connected with subject matter, in a form that engaged the core audience.’ Or, regarding Stephen Fry: The Secret Life Of The Manic Depressive: ‘He’s the greatest living Englishman. (Really, I believe he is. Though many of us would have preferred it if he’d declined the offer of fronting those excruciating Twinings Tea adverts.) He takes a painfully honest journey into the dark side of his tortured soul. Enlightening, at times staggering.’

Recent titles: Ross Kemp on Gangs, Stephen Fry: The Secret Life Of The Manic Depressive, Root of all Evil

Employees: over 100 employees

Hours this year: 70-plus

Upcoming includes: Protestant Revolution (BBC4), Fascism In Colour (Five), Location, Location, Location, series 10 (Channel 4), Mountain (BBC1), Coltrane’s Incredible Britain (ITV1), QE2 – Return of the Last Liner (BBC Scotland)

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