3 top docs that should have a sequel

Fred Burcksen, vp of distribution, merch and investments, ZDF Enter. (Germany):
July 1, 2007

Fred Burcksen, VP of distribution, merch and investments, ZDF Enter. (Germany):
John Adams’ The Future is Wild (2002) – a scientific piece about life on earth millions of years from now. What will earth look like? Which strange new life forms will emerge? A topic as exciting and relevant as it ever was. Do it again, John, please…

Caroline Godin, president, One Girl Revolution (Canada):
China Rises was a rare and honest look at the monumental social, economic and political evolution taking place in China today. It’s also a shining example of a coproduction that really worked. I’d love to see the same team take on India next.

Jayne Thuraisamy, marketing manager, Beyond Distribution (Australia):
An Inconvenient Truth. In the sequel, which hopefully would be made in the next year or two – not five or ten. I’d like to see the positive effects of a worldwide united front. Reversing global warming; revealing a better forecast; a better future for us all.

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