G100 US: 3Ball Productions

3Ball Productions
March 1, 2008

3Ball Productions
(an Eyeworks company, Manhattan Beach)

Founded in 2001 by J.D. Roth and Todd Nelson, 3Ball Productions has made its bones by producing such (dare we say) inspiring reality fare as The Biggest Loser, Age of Love and Beauty and the Geek. That’s no accident, notes Cathy Veisel, development exec at 3Ball. ‘Our primary goal when we approach a show is to take our audience on the most personal and often life-changing journeys that our characters or show contestants experience. In our minds, it’s not enough just to entertain – our hope is that people walk away from watching one of our shows and feel like they’ve had a real experience.’ Given its viewership, the company is succeeding.

Viewers are likely to recognize one partner for his work in front of the camera – beyond his production responsibilities, Roth is also host of Discovery Kids (and 3Ball-produced) series Endurance. For his part, Nelson avoids the limelight and oversees all creative, including such broadcaster favs as Scott Baio is… 45 and Single.

In 2006, 3Ball became part of the Eyeworks Group (the second-largest producer in Holland, behind Endemol), with the Dutch media company acquiring a 50% stake in the US prodco. The deal represented a cash infusion into 3Ball, and offered Eyeworks a much-needed entrée into the American market.

Employees: 100-plus
Hours this year: 140
Recent titles: The Biggest Loser, Beauty and the Geek
Current/upcoming titles: The Biggest Loser 6 (NBC), Beauty and the Geek 5 (CW), Scott Baio is… 46 and Pregnant (VH1), I Know My Kid’s a Star (VH1), Groomer Has It (Animal Planet)

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