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City Lights Television (New York)
March 1, 2008

City Lights Television (New York)

The City Lights Media Group recently celebrated its 25th anniversary, but it’s really in the last three years that it has experienced explosive growth. The company now dips its beak in (deep breath) the development, acquisition, creation, production, distribution and global licensing of proprietary content including motion pictures, television programs and digital content, such as wireless, broadband and video on demand. The fact that most of the required resources are in-house allows much of that work to be done at a reasonable cost.

And ‘reasonable cost’ are two words that certainly snag the attention of US cable nets. City Lights Television has become a specialist in providing good-quality fare for cablecos, including MTV, Sundance Channel, Lifetime, HGTV, TLC, Oxygen, VH1, Science Channel, Speed Channel and The History Channel. In the last two years alone, City Lights has produced over 350 episodes of television.

Employees: 67
Hours this year: 265 for TV, 616 digital
Recent titles: Money Terms You Need to Know, Top 20 New Parent Tricks, Top 20 Travel Tips
Current/upcoming titles: Your Mama Don’t Dance (Lifetime), Celebrity Says (TV Guide), Don’t Sweat It (HGTV), 21 Sexiest Beaches (Travel Channel), The Ultimate Color Guide (HGTV), Book Obsessed (, My Kitchen, My Way (

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