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Michael Hoff Productions (Emeryville)
March 1, 2008

Michael Hoff Productions (Emeryville)

It’s hard enough to do one thing well, let alone several. But if there is a genre that Michael Hoff Productions hasn’t tackled yet (and it’s not likely), it’d probably do that well, too.

Launched in 1994, and producing for such diverse nets as Animal Planet, TruTV (nee Court TV), Fox, The History Channel, Fine Living, The Weather Channel and a dozen others, MHP has managed to thrive by following its instincts towards good stories, wherever they lead.

Broadcasters polled in realscreen‘s survey pointed to such series as Ultimate Factories and Quit Your Job as not-to-be-missed. Speculating as to why that may be, president Michael Hoff suggests it’s because ‘I look for hooks that grab and hold you throughout the show. We always remember the audience has unlimited choices, so we need to catch them and keep them. And hey, how many indie production company chiefs are willing to play Bigfoot for your shoot?’ (See ‘Docudrama’ on pg. 37 for evidence.)

Employees: 45
Hours this year: 40
Recent titles: Ultimate Factories, Top Ten 401(k) Mistakes, Quit Your Job
Current/upcoming titles: Chain Gang Girls (WE tv), Hooked: More Monster Fish (Nat Geo), Extreme Forensics (Investigation Discovery)

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