Hit and myth

Jamie Hyneman:
March 1, 2008

Jamie Hyneman:

What do you think is the most important modern-day invention?
I’d make it a tie: plumbing and printing.

Most overrated invention?
Computers. Most people don’t realize it yet, but they are parasites.

Which myth do you wish you had started?
I don’t think of them as something someone can take credit for starting. I think the interesting part is where the initial truth becomes larger than life, and not necessarily possible.

What’s the key to keeping a level head on set?
Planning. Being able to internalize the situation in your head and get control of it. This allows you to see the future, or as close as we will ever come to it.

If you weren’t a MythBuster, what would your job be?
I’d work as a materials scientist.

Adam Savage:

What’s the most dangerous situation you’ve ever faced while filming?
Who can know? Replicating deadly situations every day is our job description. Working in 117-degree heat next to 500 pounds of high explosives is spooky. Standing on the deck of a sinking ship on purpose is plain scary. Watching things you’ve just blown up fly over your head is an eye-opener.

If you had an unlimited budget, what would your dream MythBusters episode involve?
We’d disprove the myth that we’ve never been to the moon by building our own spaceship, going there, picking up a piece of Apollo hardware, and bringing it back home.

What’s your favorite part of the job?
Thinking through a problem thoroughly before attacking it; discussing the solutions with Jamie and my producer(s); getting the science right. Being wrong.

Which song or album title best describes you?
‘I Send My Love to You’ by the Palace Brothers.

What’s your secret vice?
I don’t drink coffee. I don’t smoke (anymore). I don’t do drugs. I put four tablespoons of sugar in my tea. I don’t feel so bad about it.

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