Suddenly SeeMore’s Morgan Elliott wrestles with Trish Stratus

Seasoned Canadian producer Morgan Elliott has filmed in 45 countries, and has two new shows in the works. Here she reflects on the TV biz with realscreen.
August 25, 2008

Morgan Elliott is a busy producer these days. Her Dundas, Ontario-based prodco, Suddenly SeeMore…Productions, has a lot on the go for this fall. There’s Stratusphere, a series on which Elliott (pictured above) is the exec producer and that she describes as ‘Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous with a twist.’ The 10 x 30-minute show is hosted by Trish Stratus, a spunky former WWE wrestling champ that goes on cool adventures around the world. We’re talking things like Muay Thai boxing in Thailand and sword fighting in South India, not sitting on a tour bus. Stratus also stays in five-star hotels along the way, revealing to viewers the luxurious accommodations that exist abroad. (Note: I am available to fill in should Stratus lose her lust for travel.) Stratusphere will premiere on CTV’s Travel + Escape on September 1 and Discovery HD later this fall.

Elliott is also currently in production on Howie Do It, a comedy prank show from the mind of comedian Howie Mandel – the face of Deal or No Deal in North America. She’s one of the exec producers on the 6 x 1-hour show, which is a copro between Global Television and NBC that will be delivered in the fall.

Thinking back to the early days of her career – one in which she’s produced and directed over a dozen one-hour docs for Discovery, OLN and The Sports Network, and been a long-time producer for Mark Burnett – Elliott remembers one naysayer in particular. It was a boss to which she pitched a travel show idea. ‘I said ‘Why don’t we travel around the world and interview people on how they travel?’ and he looked at me and said ‘No one gives a shit what Morgan Elliott thinks.’ And I went ‘Reeeally?” Two years later, Elliott had raised $340,000 for the show and traveled the world for three months to make it. ‘I could have just said ‘Oh, okay’ [to my boss] and gone away, but that travel show got me another gig.’

Perseverance paid off, and when Elliott makes a show these days (she’s a specialist in adventure TV), she finds she’s often dealing directly with the higher-level broadcast execs. ‘When you deal with the decision-makers you can get the answers right away – that’s the biggest benefit of being around for awhile.’

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