‘Nothing endures but change’

As you read in Brendan's column, three of the most recognizable faces of the realscreen brand will soon be absent from these pages. I won't add 'from the Realscreen Summit,' as I have a strong inkling that a couple of them will be in DC in February.
November 1, 2008

As you read in Brendan’s column, three of the most recognizable faces of the realscreen brand will soon be absent from these pages. I won’t add ‘from the Realscreen Summit,’ as I have a strong inkling that a couple of them will be in DC in February.

Diane, Brendan and Alicia have each left an indelible mark on this magazine, the Summit and most recently online and there’s little question they will be missed by the community they’ve connected for the past decade or so. Each of them has embraced opportunities that will enhance their careers and go some of the way to realizing their ambitions, and so we wish them the greatest success in business and happiness in their personal lives.

I’m also delighted to introduce to you Barry Walsh, the incoming editor of realscreen. Apart from the required skills inherent in an editor – like attention to detail, brilliant grammar and spelling, a nose for a story and the ability to multi-task – Barry brings with him several more attributes that made him the natural choice to steer the editorial direction of the brand. He has, quoting from his resume, ‘a vast knowledge of and rabid appreciation for film, music, media, technology and popular culture and an avid interest in world events and the trends and developments that shape the world in which we live.’ Please feel free to contact Barry and welcome him at

Before leaving the hallowed halls of Brunico, Alicia spent a week at Wildscreen and reported that Dr. James Lovelock, the scientist most well known for his Gaia theory – based on the idea that the earth is a self-regulating system – was one of the big names in attendance at this year’s Wildscreen event in Bristol in October. (Sir David Attenborough was also there in all his usual enthralling glory.) While filmmakers were torn on how to handle ‘doom and gloom’ messages in natural history programs, Lovelock was forthcoming about his predictions for our future, including one that sees 80% to 90% of the human population gone by the end of this century. He also said ‘It’s not a hopeless situation.’ Let’s hope not.

Lindsay, Brendan, Melissa, Kerry and I took over 175 meetings at MIPCOM and whilst we didn’t get to meet everyone we might have liked, were very pleased with what we did manage to accomplish.

I’m very excited about the prospect of attending the World Congress of Science and Factual Producers in Florence and am having an incredibly tough time convincing friends that my job is indeed hard work when I get to travel to locales like Cannes, Florence, Vegas and of course Washington, DC.

And DC is where I hope to meet many of you face-to-face. The Summit, taking place February 1 to 4, is shaping up very nicely and I’m confident that while you’ll enjoy many of the trademark sessions that have elevated the Realscreen Summit to its lofty perch on the conference calendar, you’ll also benefit from some refreshing new content and speakers. Turn to page 27 for more info and visit for a detailed agenda.

So with that, I’ve promised my long-time friend, colleague and now client a little bit of space to bid adieu to the community she’s become entrenched in over the past 11 years.

‘Til next time, go well.

Claire Macdonald


Rankin has left the building

Back in 1997, I was asked to join a team of four people (!) to launch an international trade magazine about documentaries. I jumped at the chance – I was young and naïve and figured this was a sure-fire hit and genius career catapult… We then arrived at a doc festival to a round of what I’d call laughter at the very thought of such a publication. Thankfully, we proved our critics wrong, and I enjoyed 10 years of building up what was then RealScreen (now realscreen) and Realscreen Summit. I am very proud of how these brands have developed and am immensely confident in the team that now takes these over as I leave Brunico after 13 years and move onto a career on the other side and join Cineflix International Distribution as their head of acquisitions. I thank all of the realscreen readers and advertisers, Summit attendees, speakers and sponsors throughout the years for making it such a great ride and I look forward very much to seeing the new realscreen team take the brands to new heights.

Diane Rankin

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