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Former Miss Sweden Victoria Silvstedt is starring in a reality show that just launched on the E! International Network. Victoria Silvstedt: My Perfect Life exposes Silvstedt's imperfections (yeah, we couldn't spot them either) and explores the model and actor's jet-setting life
November 1, 2008

Growing up in a small village in Northern Sweden, did you learn any beauty tricks that you still use today?

We grew up eating good food – always organic and from our own garden. I milked my grandmother’s cows and we always had fresh milk. I still try to eat organic and healthy.

As a teenager, you were a member of the Swedish National Ski Team. What’s another unexpected secret most people don’t know about you?

I speak five languages and I work a lot harder than I play. People don’t expect that from a blonde, but it’s true.

You were Playboy‘s Playmate of the Year in 1997. Do people still recognize you from that part of your life?

Of course – especially in America. I still get fan mail from Americans asking me to autograph that cover.

What was your most memorable magazine photo shoot?

I did a shoot with David LaChapelle sometime after my time as the official Guess? Girl, and I realized it was different from anything I had ever done before. He was awesome.

Opening up your personal life for a reality show isn’t for everyone. Did you have any concerns before signing up for the E! show?

Oh my God, it took me six months to come to the decision. After going back and forth, I realized the folks at E! would work with me and not against me, so I got comfortable with it. Still, there are limits to what I am going to share.

What was it like having a television crew following you around for My Perfect Life?

It does take getting used to, because it’s not just one camera, but three. After awhile, you learn to block it out, but at the beginning it is a bit annoying.

Do you watch a lot of reality TV yourself? If so, which shows?

I love E! – Pam: Girl on the Loose, Keeping Up with the Kardashians and The Girls of the Playboy Mansion. I like reality shows about people and personalities.

What’s the biggest thing you’ve learned about TV while filming your show?

Don’t agree to let them film you before breakfast!

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