New programming/development structure for NGC, NGCI

Programming and development to be streamlined into three areas; Steve Burns to oversee global commissions.
July 14, 2010

David Haslingden, CEO, National Geographic Channels International (NGCI) & National Geographic Channel (NGC) US and CEO, Fox International Channels, has announced to NGC/NGCI staff a new structure for programming, development and acquisitions and production that is designed to both streamline NGC and NGCI and, in his words, ‘to leverage our brand worldwide and increase global coproduction.’

Haslingden first announced the changes in an internal memo released to staff. The new structure will feature three distinct areas: global content, including the U.S.; NGCI-only content and local content produced for regions around the world. Steve Burns, executive vice president of content for NGC, will continue to oversee NGC US programming and will now oversee global commissions. Geoff Daniels will continue to oversee content on Nat Geo Wild and now adds overseeing NGCI-only content to his duties. Both Burns and Daniels continue to report to Steve Schiffman. Heather Moran will oversee global program planning as well as NGCI-only content, and will report to Burns. Mark Greene will lead program finance while Germaine Deagan Sweet will continue to oversee content syndication and will work closely with Bridget Whalen and Janet Han Vissering on co-finance matters.

In development and acquisitions, Bridget Whalen will continue to oversee development for NGC as well as work on global commissions, reporting to Steve Burns, while Janet Han Vissering will oversee global development for Nat Geo Wild in addition to NGCI-only development, reporting to Daniels. Carlyn Staudt continues to lead global acquisitions as well as those for NGCI-only content. She will add overseeing special content projects related to international ad sales to her duties, reporting to Daniels with dotted line responsibility to Burns. Tracy Beckett will oversee regional programming including local content development for UK, Europe, Latin America and Australia, and will continue to report to Daniels.

In production, Stephen Hunter will oversee production of all NGCI-only content and manage local content development for Asia, while reporting to Daniels. Char Serwa will head up production, with all EPs reporting to her, and she will report to Burns. The production management unit will be headed up by Michelle Upton, who will report to Mark Green.

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