Three things you didn’t know about…

While John Michie is best known as an actor on STV's crime drama Taggart, he is also EP and presenter for SVT's Made in Scotland series. Here are some other things people may not know about Michie.
September 20, 2010

John Michie plays DI Robbie Ross in the UK’s longest-running crime drama, Taggart, and was both executive producer and presenter of STV’s recent Made in Scotland series. He has also been a presenter on factual series such as Murder Capital on The Crime & Investigation Network and Highlands, also on STV. Michie is also the voice behind two Windfall Films series, Big, Bigger, Biggest and Monster Moves. Here, Michie shares with realscreen a few things that you may not know about him.

1. I have a mild obsession with the number 56 and look for it, or multiples of it, nearly every day!

2. When I was traveling in Australia, I sold paintings door-to-door. My line was ‘I’m a student at The Royal Academy of Art doing a thesis on Australian landscape’. I was the number one salesman…

3. I love cheesy party dance routines like ‘Gimme Some,’ or Steps’ ’5678′ and Whigfield’s ‘Saturday Night’ and I hit the dance floor whenever I get the chance!

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