New France Télévisions president talks 2011

In an interview with French newspaper Les Echos, Rémy Pflimlin discusses the public broadcasting group's plans for digital, documentary and its aim to give each channel a strong, specific identity.
December 20, 2010

France Télévisions new president, Rémy Pflimlin, has told French newspaper Les Echos that the new structure for the public broadcasting group has been decided upon and will be unveiled early in the new year.

‘The teams are organized and ready to work in January,’ Pflimlin told journalist Greg Poussielgue in today’s edition of the paper.

Pflimlin, president of France Télévisions since August, also discussed the plans and strategies ahead for each channel in the group, saying that each channel will continue to develop strong, specific identities in order to reach ‘the broadest spectrum of the French population.’

‘Unlike the private channels that target commercial targets, our mission is to reach as many French as possible,’ he added.

France 2, with an average viewership age of 55, will air more magazine and entertainment programming starting in September of 2011, with an eye towards more scripted programming and documentary in September, 2012. Pflimlin said a daily soap will also come to France 2 in the fall of 2012.

Pflimlin said DTT channel France 4 will ‘remain a channel of innovation and new formats.’ Geared towards a younger audience, the channel will see a budget increase of 13% this year.

For France 3, a channel that also targets older audiences and is more regional in scope, Pflimlin said one of the additions to its schedule will be a new daily program hosted by Laurent Boyer, which will broadcast from a different French town each day.

Pflimlin said France 5 will remain rooted in its role as a channel of discovery and education and France O is a channel of ‘openness and cultural diversity.’

Regarding its digital strategy, Pflimlin said that the group ‘must be present on all screens,’ and there are plans for an iPad application ‘very soon.’ A budget increase of €50 million is in the cards for digital in 2011, an increase of 40%.

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